Turn Key Project

We take responsibilities of projects that make our clients happy..

One of the special modes of carrying out international business is a turnkey project. It is a contract under which we agree to fully design, construct and equip a manufacturing, business, service facility and turn the project over to the purchaser when it is ready for operation for a remuneration.

Let Me Explain you in Simple Steps

  •    You decide your requirements in the end product you want through the project
  •    You contact us and let us know about the project
  •    We sign an agreement with you promising that we agree to fully design the project
  •    We finish the project and hand over it to you after physical completion and commissioning
  •    You can now use the project for intended purpose

Characteristics of turn key project

  •   Merging missions conception and execution of the work is one person.
  •   The overall obligation assumed by the contractor to the client to deliver a fully equipped work
  •   A project is perfect working.
  •   One contract between the client and the contractor.
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