Business Procurement

Procurement is the sourcing and purchasing of goods and services for business use from an external source.The process is used to ensure that buyer receives goods, services or works at the best possible price, when aspects such as quality, quantity, time, and location are compared. We help companies to achieve the set procurement policies that govern their choice of suppliers, products, methods and procedures that are going to be used to communicate with their suppliers.

The procurement process involves

Busines Consulting

Identifying needs of customers and suppliers.

Business Consulting Communiation

preparing tools and processes to communicate with suppliers.

Busines Consulting Proposals

Preparing requests for proposals and quotations.

Business Consulting

Setting policies for evaluating proposals, quotes and suppliers.

Vendor procurement

We help you find and select the most appropriate vendor to introduce your products in India.

Busines Consulting Procurement

The first step of this process involves studying carefully our customers requirements, products, values and core competencies. We prepare a list of potential Importers, Dealers, Distributors by using multiple sources and references we have gathered over the time and also by zooming through the market for your specific needs. After receiving the feedback from the customer, we start a 2nd stage of analysis which involves getting in contact and establishing a stream of communication between you and the interested party. Further stages involve meeting representatives of the shortlisted companies, understanding their intentions and negotiating with them the terms of a potential collaboration. All the findings are presented in the final report along with our conclusions and recommendations.

Vendor procurement steps

Staff Recruitment

Recruitment is the process of having the right person, in the right place, at the right time. It is crucial to organisational performance.

Successful recruitment is a direct reflection of the validity and professionalism of your business. Employing the right people for your business is the most important part of your organization. It is essential to have a good recruitment process to attract the right kind of employees for your business needs. We ensure process and system is regularly reviewed so that hidden bias is removed and to make sure certain talent is not being blocked from entering an organisation. Recruiting and training can be expensive and time consuming so when you want to recruit, we make sure that you are making the right choices and the process is cost as well as time effective.

In order to increase efficiency in hiring and retention and to ensure consistency and compliance in the recruitment and selection process, it is recommended the following steps be followed .

Staff Augmentation

Staff recruitment steps